Sedikit goresan menebar manfaat …..

Writing… writing… writing

Posted by totoharyanto on September 18th, 2014

For some people writing is hobbies, even from writing they can get everything.  However, for some people,  writing is considered very-very difficult. For writing something that we have ever done, sometime not easy. For instance, our student have finished fieldwork practice (Praktik Kerja Lapang) in several institution. Now, they have to make report and some presentation slide for September 27 , 2014.
I have reviewed their report  and normally, usually they still confused what will be written in their report. As supervisor, first question that I ask to them is ” Have you read the guideline of this report ? “. After that, we suggest to make the outline of their report  and next week they must come for discussion. Good luck my student.. Do the best…



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