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Guest from PT East West Seed

Posted by totoharyanto on September 11th, 2014

Dramaga (2014). – Bioinformatics Research Group received three guest from PT East West Seed, Indoensia at September 10, 2014. PT East West Seed is one of seed producers some vegetables such as tomatoes, chilies and cucumbers. Bapak Muryanto as  Biotechnology Laboratory Manager said that Bioinformatic has main role in molecular breeding process. With bioinformatics, breeding process can be done efficiently. Nevertheless, human resources in this expertise were still limited. Therefore, they came to Department of Computer Science, Bogor Agricultural University. They looking for student and fresh graduate to follow Technical Trainee Program  (TPT).  As closing, Dr. Wisnu Ananta as Head of Magister of Computer Science Study Program offer them for joining Magister Computer Science (MKOM) Program  especially in Bioinformatics Research. (tth)

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