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Posted by totoharyanto on Oktober 30th, 2015

As researchers, selecting journal for publishing their papers is important. One website tools can be conducted is service from
From this web apps tools, we can entry abstract of our research and tools will viewing high order selected publication.

This is an example of our abstracts :

Metagenome is microorganisms that are taken directly from environment. The process of sequencing the metagenome resulted in the mixing of various organisms. This causes difficulties in the assembly process. Therefore, it takes a sorting process called binning. Binning process approach to composition was performed by supervised learning. Supervised learning method has the feature extraction stage, this research used feature k-mers method. The magnitude of the parameter k on feature extraction method resulted in huge dimensions. This study aims to implement fast-correlation based filter algorithm to reduce the dimensions of the features generated by k-mers and optimize parameter threshold in fast-correlation based filter using genetic algorithms. This study tested using k-nearest neighbor classification so as to produce the best accuracy is obtained when k = 7 with accuracy of 99.41% at a threshold value of 0.67788.

We enter the abstract to  website


After that, click Go and output will be revealed




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